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Taravosh Jam Company​

Taravosh Jam Company

TARAVOSH JAM  co. is a Iranian eng., design and (E.P.C.)Process package contracting company operating in the field of Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and power plant.

This company has considerable experience and knowledge in the design and supply Process package with high Engineering and Management competency.

TARAVOSH JAM  co. is known for having honorable relationships with our customers, executing projects safely, efficiently and meeting environmental needs.

Our expertise in process technologies in the oil, gas, petrochemical, and power plant industry has enabled the TARAVOSH JAM co. to develop skills and know-how in IRAN based on international standards and software.

Strategy And Vision

Services of Taravosh Jam Company

TARAVOSH JAM  co. can service our customers with a broad range of other leading processes through partnerships and strategic alliances with other internationally famous licensors and companies.

TARAVOSH JAM Company has attention on:

Best quality /Met excellent schedule /reasonable price /design as per requirement /standard construction

    The specialists in TARAVOSH JAM  co.   has training courses in the following companies:

1- Thyssen Krupp Stahl AG (Germany)            

2- Deutsche Babcock (Germany)          

3- Foster Wheeler (Spain)

4- I.H.I. ( Japan)

5- J.S.W. (  Japan)

TARAVOSH JAM  co.offers the following services:

  • Design & detail design services
  • Procurement and providing the Refineries, Power Plant & Off-Shore equipments
  • Commissioning , retrofitting, improvement Services for process unit& power plant
  • EPC process unit (U),package(P)&equipment(E) (Engineering, Procurement & Construction).
E-1- Steam DeaeratorP-1- Multi Media Fine Filter PackageU-1- Flare Gas Recovery Unit
E-2- Vacuum DeaeratorP-2- Catalyst Recovery PackageU-2- Amine & MEG Reclaiming Unit
E-3- Trace Gas Stripping DeaeratorP-3- Fire Heater Package(FURNACE)U-3- Mini Refinery Unit
E-4- IncineratorP-4- Fuel Gas Package 
E-5- Heat recovery steam generator -HRSGP-5- Chemical Injection Package 
E-6- Three Phase SeparatorP-6- Condensate Polisher Package 
E-7- Gas filter CoalescerP-7- Gas Dehydration Package 
E-8- Sample CoolerP-8- Industrial & oily water treatment Packages 
 P-9Hydrodynamics  cavitations reactor