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Engineering Services
Engineering Services
TARAVOSH JAM co. absorb high technology with best Iranian expert base on international standard in frame time schedule Taravosh Jam has knowledge to supply engineering services as following in refinery , petrochemical & power plants.
  1. Front End Engineering Design
  2. Detail engineering for oil and gas and petrochemical & power plants;
  3. Consulting and Optimizing for units of gas refineries;
  4. Seismic Retrofitting equipments &structure;
  5. Design of oil & gas loading and unloading system;
  6. Design storage tank, pressure vessel & Heat exchanger;
  7. Design and optimization of boilers & HRSG:
  8. Training
  9. HAZOP study, HSE study
  10. Consulting and supervision (MC services):
  • Supervision for design part;
  • Supervision for procurement;
  • Supervision for construction and pre-commissioning;
  • Commissioning- Operability test- Performance test


Maintenance Services

Taravosh jam Co. is doing maintenance, retrofitting commissioning, and main repair process equipment base on practical experience and knowledge about them.

We could improve process problems, training, and Hazope study for the following process unit.

  1. Gas process unit
  2. Steam boiler
  3. Heat recovery steam generator(HRSG)
  4. Steam Deaerator
  5. Vacuum Deaerator
  6. Fine Filter
  7. Filter(Catalyst, Gas, Water)
  8. Separator
  9. Inclinator
  10. Amine & MEG Unit
  11. Gas Dehydration Unit
  12. Water Treatment Unit
  13. Water Sweating Unit