Welcome to Taravosh Jam.

Taravosh Jam Co. is a Manufacturer in Iran & Middle East for the design and fabrication of the Incinerator. Gas incinerators are used to burn hazardous waste gases completely. It could be replaced by a flare system to burn the flare gas completely. The Incinerator has the capability to join the HRSG (Heat Recovery Steam Generator) to produce steam up to 20 bars.
The following are types waste for incinerators

Gas Waste

Liquid Waste

Solid Waste

implementation of Incineration

Municipal Incinerators

Industrial waste incineration

Medical Waste

Pyrolysis /Thermal Gasification

Major Components of Incineration

Waste receipt and handling installation

A combustion system

Heat recovery system (boiler)

Air pollution control system

Combustion solid residue handling system


High combustion efficiency

Low emission

Produce steam up to 20 bar.

Reduce fuel cost vs. steam generation

Complete combustion and lower emission


Desalting units

Gas refineries

Tail gas unit treatment

Oil refineries

Petrochemical plants

Flare recovery system

Incinerator or waste furnace

The technology of burning garbage and turning it into ash is an environmental solution that brings many benefits. Burning waste reduces its volume for final disposal. It also destroys toxic and pathogenic compounds in the garbage. Garbage to energy is a form of energy recovery. Most waste generation processes are energy or heat directly by combustion or the production of a combustible product, such as methanol or synthetic fuel.

Waste Management

Modern waste incineration may release very small amounts of fine particles, heavy metals, dioxins, and acid gases. Proper management of dangerous residual toxins should be adequately used when installing and disposing of waste incinerators. More than 70% of the waste is recycled in European countries. Trash can generate electrical efficiency of between 14% and 28%.

Incinerator furnace

Due to the high-temperature utilization in this waste incinerator, the formation of dioxin and Furan in the exhaust gases is prevented. To make good use of this high temperature’s potential energy, the waste incinerator is equipped with a HRSG boiler, which uses the HRSG boiler to benefit the design.

The waste incinerator can be equipped with a filter that uses active carbon chemicals and sodium bicarbonate to absorb the hydrocarbon and acidic materials from the exhaust flue gases. The exhaust flue gases have an online analyzer. It measures the polluting parameters that the design follows European standards to control the amount of pollutants in the exhaust flue gases.