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E - 06 - THREE PHASE SEPARATOR (Oil/Water/Gas)
E - 06 - THREE PHASE SEPARATOR (Oil/Water/Gas)
Taravosh Jam Co. is a Manufacturer in Iran & Middle East for design and fabrication of the Three-Phase Separator. The three-phase separator is designed to separate water, gas, and oil . The separators are types of equipment with internal components that facilitate and improve the phase separation and with complete instrumentation and control valve that allows providing customers with accurate information concerning the strong performance of oil wells.

High-pressure separators with the best cladding for corrosive content

Min Water ppm on oil/ min. ppm oil in wastewater

Sand removal to provide the best maintenance period

After sales service in the field of redesign and improvement of old systems.

Principal of Operation

Three-phase separators are separators for three-phase oil. The oil entering the Three-phase separators, in addition to dewatering, is also de-gassing. Crude oil spent the holding time then place upper layers of gas, the middle layer crude oil, and the lower layer oily water of in the separator, and this (the formation of three separate phases) is due to differences in the density of these fluids.In general, the purpose of using a three-phase separator is separating water from crude oil.